SEMLOL Biannual Meetings

Spring 2017

Special Collections

Oakland University, 03.31.2017 (Minutes, pdf)

Dominque Daniel and Emily Spunaugle, Oakland University Libraries (Slides, pdf)

Alison Greenlee, Wayne State University Libraries, and Sarah Andrus, The Henry Ford (Slides, pdf)

Kristen Chinery and Meghan Courtney, Wayne State University (Slides, pdf)

Fall 2016

Library Data: Why You Should Care

Madonna University, 11.18.2016 (Minutes, pdf)

Kathie Mason, Eastern Michigan University Libraries

Rachael Clark and Paul Beavers, Wayne State University Libraries

Tim Davis, University of Michigan--Dearborn, College of Business iLabs

Spring 2016

Library Collaborations

Lawrence Technological University, 04.15.2016 (Minutes, pdf)

David Carter, University of Michigan, and Ann Drozd, Ann Arbor District Library (Slides, pdf)

Elizabeth Bucciarelli, Eastern Michigan University (Slides, pdf)

Judith Arnold, Veronica Bielat, and Katrina Rouan, Wayne State University (Slides, pdf)

Fall 2015

The Changing Roles of Librarians

Davenport University, Livonia Campus, 11.06.2015 (Minutes, pdf)

Brian Merry and Carolos Rodriguez, Grand Valley State University Libraries

Margaret Auer, University of Detroit Mercy

Spring 2015

Libraries as Service

College for Creative Studies, 04.10.2015 (Minutes, pdf)

Elaine Logan and Julia Daniel Walkuski, University of Michigan-Dearborn (Slides, pdf)

Lisa Klopfer and Sara Memmott, Eastern Michigan University (Slides, pdf)

Laura Manley, Marygrove College (Slides, pdf)

Fall 2014

The Value of Academic Libraries

Madonna University, 11.21.2014 (Minutes, pdf)

Paul Gallagher, Paul Beavers, Judith Arnold, and Elliot Polack, Wayne State University (Slides, pdf)

Corey Seeman, University of Michigan (Slides, pdf)

Spring 2014

Instruction Innovation: BI >> IL >> ??

Schoolcraft College, 04.11.2014 (Minutes, pdf)

Amanda Nichols Hess, Oakland University

Veronica Bielat, Wayne State University



Fall 2013

Engaging Your Online Community

The University of Michigan - Dearborn, 11.8.2013 (Minutes, pdf)

Debra Smith, Wayne State University (Slides, pdf)

Patrick Mullane, Baker College (Slides, pdf)

Bill Marino, Eastern Michigan University (Slides, pdf)

Spring 2013

The Age of Discovery (Tools)

Wayne State University Oakland Center, 4.19.2013 (Minutes, pdf)

EBSCO Discovery Service - Wayne State University (Slides, pdf)

Primo (ExLibris) - Baker College (Slides, pdf)

Summon (Serials Solutions) - Eastern Michigan University (Slides, pdf)

WorldCat Local (OCLC) - Lawrence Technological University (Slides, pdf)

Fall 2012

For Educational Purposes Only: Copyright for Libraries
Oakland University, 11.16.2012 (Minutes, pdf)

Spring 2012

Digital Repositories: Creating and Managing Collections Online
South University, 4.27.2012, (Minutes, pdf)

Fall 2011

Extending the Library's Reach: Mobile Apps and Effective Online Tutorials
Oakland Community College, 11.18.2011, (Minutes, pdf)

Spring 2011

Taking Measurement: How to Assess Your Library's Services
Davenport University, 5.13.2011, (Minutes, pdf)

Fall 2010

Developing Professionally: Presentations, Publications and Peer Connections
Madonna University, 11.19.2010

Spring 2010

Library Donors - Getting Them, Keeping Them
Walsh College, 4.16.2010

Fall 2009

Tech on the Cheap: Open Source and Freeware Solutions
Lawrence Technological University, 11.20.2009

Spring 2009

Hard Times, New Services: The Changing Role of Libraries
Walsh College, 5.1.2009

Fall 2008

Old Spaces, New Places: Reuse, Recycle, Reinvigorate Your Library
Wayne State University / Detroit Public Library, 11.21.2008

Spring 2008

Next-Gen Library Services: SEMLOL Technology Showcase
Oakland Community College, 4.18.2008

Fall 2007

Creating Information Literate Students: Strategies for Information Discovery
Schoolcraft College, 11.16.2007

Spring 2007

The Library-Faculty Connection: Making Collaborative Teaching Work
The University of Michigan-Dearborn, 4.20.2007

Fall 2006

The Information Game: Educational Gaming and Academic Libraries
College for Creative Studies, 11.17.2006

Spring 2006

Michigan Information Innovation
The University of Michigan, 4.28.2006

Fall 2005

Information Clarity: Keeping Libraries in the Mix
Macomb Community College, 11.18.2005

Spring 2005

Library Summit II: Finding Our Voice in Lansing
Schoolcraft College, 5.6.2005

Fall 2004

Library Summit: Successful Models of State-wide Library Cooperation
Schoolcraft College, 11.12.2004

Spring 2004

Forging Faculty/Librarian Relationships: Collaboration and Communication
Henry Ford Community College, 4.23.2004

Fall 2003

Accessing Michigan's Information Future: The Evolution of State-wide Library Initiatives
Cranbrook Academy of Art, 11.21.2003

Spring 2003

Allies not Adversaries: Promoting the Library to Your Administration
Madonna University, 5.1.2003

Fall 2002

The Changing Space of Cutsomer Service
Schoolcraft College, 11.8.2002

Spring 2002

Tomorrow's Technology Today's Reality: Reaching for the Brass Ring
Walsh College, 4.26.2002

Fall 2001

Disaster@YourLibrary!!! Disaster Planning, Security and Preservation for Libraries: Understanding Essential Issues
Lawrence Technological University, 10.19.2001

Spring 2001

EEEK! E-Books, E-Reserves, E-Resources
Lawrence Technological University, 5.4.2001